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Live Classroom

Consists in a customized live classroom that fits your schedule:
  • Increase learner interest and participation with real-time audiovisual communication
  • Record live classes and share internally or through social media channels
  • Perfect for classes, metings, family reunions, and all kinds of celebrations
  • Schedule, manage and monitor live sessions
  • Integrate live classroom with your existing website, including CMS and LMS platforms
  • Access from any internet browser and smart devices when you need. You won't need another app in your phone!

Web Design

Consists in a customized Content Management System suitable for:
  • Sites for individuals, comunities, and grassroots organizations
  • Integration of social media and payments gateways
  • Perfect for blogs, curriculum, weddings, and professional practices
  • Include a variety of layouts with sliders, tabs, and more
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Great for communicating ideas and capturing resources!

Web Design

I dedicate my graphic design skills to help you create educational materials for improving intercultural exchanges of knowledge and ideas through a  participatory and collaborative channel of communication. 

Web Trainings

HANDS-ON TRAININGS are provided in situ as well as online upon scheduling as additional services. We are capable in many skills, and we train our clients upon request on cpanel management, which includes setting up email accounts, installing applications, and advanced security support. We also provide consultancy for eCommerce websites and setting up online stores, digital news, hotels, travel agencies, and other vending sites.

Experienced in social development across the American continent, I offer my services in Trainings and Consultation for projects and programs dedicated to social and ecologically sustainable development., that include diverse themes like agriculture, communication, intercultural communication, massage therapy, early child development and resilience, migration, popular education, sowtwares, etc.




Weaving intercultural and diverse strings of communication through translations from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, by someone that have lived, worked, and studied across the American continent.

Web Related Services

We offer additional, specialized, and customizable services:
  • Ready to print, from business cards to books!
  • Ready to print Art and Graphics
  • Ready to publish Educational Materials
  • Photography and digitalization
  • Filming and Video Editing
  • Courses, quizzes, assignments, and educational platforms
  • Educational games
  • Updating content
  • Editing videos and processing images
  • Maintaining emails
  • Send and receive messages, newsletters, campaigns

Unique Approach

Works I do with love and passion!

Through Web Art Hosting we offer unique abilities for digital and graphic publishing. We are a line that combines more than 30 years of work in social development programs, from grassroots and community organizations to non-governmental institutions in four different countries in the Americas and the Caribbean (Chile, Ecuador, Cuba and the United States). In addition to our technical skills, we turn to your projects with creative ideas based on experience and knowledge about agriculture, children's development and resilience, communication, video editing, migration, massage therapy, community organization and intercultural education. I am dedicated to facilitating digital training for those who have messages to share, but still do not have the technological skills to do so.

Today we stand as a unique bridge between you and the digital world, a bridge between the real and the virtual.


Web Art Hosting

Today is situed as an unique bridge between you and the digital world, a bridge between virtual and real


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Terms of Service

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Sevices are offered as they are described in this website. Additional information can be requested using the form on the right.

Web design, web development, promotions, and maintenance are all packages that are offered accordingly to their description.

Additional services are at an extra cost. Anual rates are available.


Content, images, videos, social media connections, and any other key element must be timely provided by clients. Additional content managment to the one described for each service's plan will be considered other service and it will imply an additional charge.



All payments online are processed though paypal secure gateway

  • 50% of plan price is needed to begin a project
  • Hosting is not included in price unless is mentioned
  • Prices include limited technical support and service. Additional hours will be considered maintenance and it will be charged according to what corresponds.


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