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Working at the forefront of graphic and digital design and web development over 10 years, now with WAH I have evolved into a multi-disciplined art and communication consulting and developing agency.



We produce fully customized static and dynamic websites.


We offer you a free demo for five days at not cost, not credit card. Send us an email, do the registration process, and we will upload a customized site according to your indications, information, and resources provided.


We provide to our clients with artwork ready for printing or online publishing.


We proudly offer trainings and coaching, online and on-site, for individuals and groups.


We suggest you to find a plan at SITEGROUND, and we will handle from there!


We primarly rely on the support provided for our top ten webservices partner; we also provide full 24/7 monitoring, back-up, and technical support.




Per Year


• Domain or domain renewal

• Setup & Technical support for implementation

• One Year of Shared Hosting Management

• 2 Hour of Maintenance


Email setup
Event booking


Per Year


Domain or domain renewal

Setup & Technical support for implementation

One Year of Shared Hosting Management

4 Hour of Maintenance


Gonzalo Concha
Farmworker Association of Florida
Welson Tremura
Anthony Oliver-Smith
Evoking Silver River
Farmworkers Health and Safety
aMandala - Amanda Concha-Holmes
aMandala Healing Arts


We develop, maintain, and host websites and use original digital and graphic art from artists that bring their skills to design unique websites from personal to collective online presence. We have years of experience in both, front and back end web development and managing systems administrator; we also provide consulting for graphic and digital media production; trainings and consulting for solution of problems; promote cooperative web development with content management systems; we love to work with Joomla and appreciate to the diverse creative crowd that sustain that beautiful platform. We like to collaborate and support people, groups, communities, academics, organizations, cooperatives, and local businesses in making their voice hear, their messages read, and their ideas to be follow for another world possible. We are located in the small, culturally diverse city of Gainesville, the incubator of Florida.

Juan Concha
Great experience in computers since 1989, Web and Hosting management since 2003, graphic and digital designer, and Joomla dedicated follower since 2009, mixed with vast experience in popular and intercultural education and communication, and leadership and community development.


Terms of Service

Web Art Hosting, LLC, is a limited liability company organized under the law of the State of Florida, since January 12, 2016.
The following terms are valid for 2016, and they can be updated any time as needed by Web Art Hosting to continue providing and facilitating web services and hosting, in a shared cloud reseller hosting account at a TOP TEN PROVIDER FOR HOSTING.

Web Art Hosting is a fictitious name created by Juan Concha to develop a website under the domain, a site to sell its skills as web designer and hosting provider. Web Art Hosting is a site managed as a reseller account by Juan Concha, who administers and maintains the website at, and in which all payments are redirected to be processed at Juan Concha’s personal Paypal account. The Paypal account is not a paid service, but PayPal charges fees for payments that are received for services provided, which are already included in your services as a client. Paypal also offers alternative ways to pay in case you do not have or do not want to have a Paypal account for yourself.

The main purposes of Web Art Hosting are to facilitate web development and provide hosting services to individuals, communities, organizations, and small businesses oriented to favor cooperative and local development, and especially for those who want to bridge the digital divide. Web Art Hosting services are provided worldwide with its two primary bases in Gainesville, Florida, United States, and from Salinas, Ecuador.

Web art hosting provides the following services to follow with their respective descriptions and limitations.

WEB at Web Art Hosting offers, but is not limited to, fully customized sites developed in the latest Joomla® version with high quality responsive templates.

Clients might be able to request additional services, which will have a separate rate, established upon agreement between Web Art Hosting and you, the client. Web Art Hosting may display on our website samples of our work based on graphic and digital artwork created by Web Art Hosting for our clients.

Graphic design and artwork ready to print and digital design and digital artwork ready for online publishing, are provided upon request as additional services in common agreement between Web Art Hosting, as provider, and you, the requester, as client.

Web Art Hosting suggest to get a hosting plan with Rochen

However, Additional Work/Services can be purchased at a sliding-scale fee, that range from 15 to 50 dollars per hour, which depends on:

Number of pages, photos, and videos
If requires technical assistance to manage cpanel
If requires domain, transfer, or migration
If requires training
If requires additional artwork
If requires support with setting up emails account
If requires support for blogs, portfolios, or commercial sites that process payments
Most likely fees will be define after Web Art Hosting agreed in a plan with a client

We offer a free fully customize website based on Joomla® most recent version, with a responsive template for five days for you to know our work and decide to become a happy client. After five-days, the demo sites will be deleted, unless clients decide to continue by paying for a hosting account and additional services if they require.

HANDS-ON TRAININGS are provided in situ as well as online upon scheduling as additional services. We are capable in many skills, and we train our clients upon request on cpanel management, which includes setting up email accounts, installing applications, and advanced security support. We also provide consultancy for eCommerce websites and setting up online stores, digital news, hotels, travel agencies, and other vending sites.

We provide support for cpanel management, monitoring, scheduling backups, moving sites and email accounts upon request as additional services.

Web Art Hosting charges for its services, as a provider for web development, hosting, security support, as well as trainings, when developing collective and cooperative websites, and for its free demo offer.

Any job requested outside of the description of the services mentioned and described above, are jobs categorized as additional Work/Services and for them additional fees might apply.

Web Art Hosting reserves its right to provide and terminate services at any time within 30-day notice, and or in agreement with the client. Web Art Hosting also will facilitate transfer and migrations for which fees might apply due to charges imposed for third party hosting companies.

For early termination accounts, migration, and domains’ registration or renewal fees might apply.

For further information, please contact us at:

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